PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair Swivel Computer Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

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  • ERGONOMIC GAMING CHAIR - This gaming chair features an S-shaped backrest and padded armrests. the S-shaped backrest conforms better to the human back, providing ergonomic support and reducing back stress and fatigue. The padded armrests provide excellent comfort and extra support for the hands, elbows and arms, reducing stress and muscle fatigue and improving the experience and efficiency of use. Especially in scenarios such as gaming, where prolonged use of the keyboard and mouse is required, this extra support provides better grip and accuracy, improving the user's operating experience and efficiency.
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT CUSHION - The skeletonized design of the gaming chair is able to fit the body form more closely, providing better support and seating position. Through meticulous design and construction, the back, seat and headrest of the chair are able to fit the curves and contours of the human body. This fit ensures a good sitting posture, reduces back and neck strain and provides a more comfortable and healthy experience. The interior of the seat is filled with high resilience foam. This foam has good elasticity and durability, can effectively bear weight, reduce pressure, and can quickly recover after use.
  • ROCKING MODE - This gaming chair has the ability to tilt the chair by pulling out the lever, allowing users to rock back and forth on the chair to relax their legs after a long day of sitting. This tilting function helps users to get comfortable and relax during short breaks and reduces the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting. The height of the chair can also be freely adjusted, enabling the user to choose the sitting and working position that best suits their individual needs. These functional features make the gaming chair provide more comfort and personalized use experience to meet the user's needs for comfort and health.
  • STURDY AND HIGH QUALITY - The backrest and seat of this gaming chair are made of premium leather material. High-quality leather is characterized by high softness and comfort, enabling users to enjoy a tactile and comfortable sitting position. The base of this gaming chair is made of high-strength material to ensure safety during use. Whether the user is performing strenuous gaming maneuvers or frequently adjusting the sitting position, the base is able to firmly support and maintain the overall stability of the chair.
  • WEAR-RESISTANT & DURABLE - The wheels of this gaming chair are made of nylon material. Nylon material is characterized by wear-resistance, durability and smooth movement. Not only can the wheels made of this material roll smoothly on different floors, but they also move without noise and scratches, avoiding any negative impact on the floor and the environment. Users can easily move the chair between different scenarios, such as office, study room, etc., to improve the flexibility and convenience of use.

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