Dog Bed-Soft and Comfortable, Washable, Donut Shape, Multiple Sizes, Suitable for Cats and Dogs and Other Pets

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颜色: Brown
尺寸: S

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Product Description

  • 【EASES ANXIETY】A raised edge that envelops your best friend in a warm hug.  This has a positive effect on their nervous system, calming their sensory behaviours and providing comfort whenever they need it. 
  • 【REDUCES NERVOUS TENSION】 Luxurious faux fur that mimics that of their mother.  This triggers a mental sensation of safety, reduces loneliness and calms them down. 
  • 【EASES PAIN & CORRECTS POSTURE】 Raised edges help to support your fluffy friend's neck and spine, while our premium soft cotton reduces muscle and joint pain. 
  • 【STYLISH】 No longer an eyesore, our minimalistic design and sophisticated colours blend seamlessly into the style of your home. 
  • 【SAFE FOR YOUR DOG】 Anti-bacterial faux fur, organic cotton and durable nylon guarantee a comfortable and hygienic place for your fluffy friend to fall asleep. 
  • 【MACHINE WASHABLE】It is easy to clean.  Simply wash at an eco-friendly 30 degrees.  To maintain quality and durability, using a tumble dryer is not recommended. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Brian Espinola
My dog loves this bed! It’s his go to happy place!

That item is absolutely awesome!

Hillary Harris

This bed is adorable but the cover can't be taken off to wash it. It's a cheap option, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Michael McCartin
My dog really likes these.

My French Bulldog is obsessed with these dog beds! We've got 3 of them scattered throughout the house. He's 38 pounds and insists on the small size.

Charles Barnes
Finally the perfect bed!!

This bed is a game-changer! We've tried out 5 other beds before, but he never showed any interest in them. This one is super plush and comfy, with tons of filling. When I brought it over to his spot, he even mistook it for a new plush toy. So happy we bought this one!

Maurice Brabham
Rocky está cómodo y feliz

You nailed it with your first write-up! I'm loving this bed for my old man Rocky, who's 13 and needs something cozy. Definitely a top recommendation from me!