SWEETCRISPY 盘腿椅,无轮子无扶手旋转家用办公椅

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颜色: 浅褐色的


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  • 【更大的座椅宽度】如果您喜欢盘腿坐在办公椅上,如果您正在寻找宽大的办公椅,那么这款宽度为 26 英寸的办公椅正是为您设计的。
  • 【舒适的坐垫】高密度海绵填充的坐垫和靠背会让您有坐在沙发上的感觉,非常舒适且不易变形。这款无轮办公椅采用人体工程学结构,专为久坐的人设计,即使您需要在椅子上工作长达 10 个小时,也不会感到疲倦和肌肉疼痛。
  • 【坚固的结构】十字结构金属底座非常坚固,可支撑高达 300 磅的重量。这款无轮办公椅还具有防滑底部设计,可以全方位保护您的地板。
  • 【高度可调】这款盘腿办公椅的座椅高度可调节范围为 15.94 英寸至 19.69 英寸,让您坐着时可以舒适地将双脚放在地板上,并且适合大多数书桌、梳妆台和咖啡桌。
  • 【旋转和摇摆】这款办公椅的座椅可以 360 度旋转,使工作空间更加方便。无扶手设计可以为您创造更多空间,不使用时推到桌子底部也可以节省空间。旋转坐垫下方的旋钮,拉动控制杆即可打开座椅摇摆模式,让您的休闲时光更加舒适。
  • 【易于组装】宽办公椅可根据我们提供的安装视频轻松安装。如果您对安装或其他任何问题有疑问,请随时与我们联系。


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Rusty Bookout

    This office chair is so cute. The one i purchased was made out of a leather material and is very well constructed. I am 5’2 160 pounds and was able to put it together in about 20 minutes by myself. The hardest part was putting the back on but it only took some muscle and a table to finish the job. I bought this chair because ya girl has a wider behind and i love to sit crisscross in my chair at work and can only do it for so long before it starts to be uncomfortable, this chair is perfect for the girls with the wider behind and for the girlies who sit crisscross. Its very well padded and fits my vibe so well.

    North Londoner
    Comfy, large seat base - don’t hesitate, just buy i1!

    I work from home and bought this chair for a secondary workstation I have created away from my home office to completely separate home from work. Though I’ve had this product for less than a day, I am delighted with the thoughtful design and comfort level. The seat base is huge. You can view the measurements in the product information, but it may help to visualize that you can sit cross-legged on this chair due to the absence of arms and the wide base. I specifically looked for a wheel-less base to avoid gliding all around the tiled floor. This suited my needs.

    First time I've worked all day with no pain

    I love this chair. I am almost 400 lbs and it is very ergonomic even for me. I do see that it could use a little more reinforcement, but the weight limit is really 300 lbs. So, if you're 300 and under you'll probably be good!

    mikayla eifler

    This is the best chair I’ve ever owned. I love sitting criss-cross applesauce so this chair is perfect. You can sit so many ways because this thing is actually huge, my cat was so happy we could both fit on it.
    10/10 Recommend to any student/ work from homer.
    I would recommend a second person to help assemble the back section!

    Florida gal
    Big bottoms will love it

    This is a nice quality chair, good fabric, hydraullics worked fine. The seat made my husband laugh out loud when we unboxed it. It is HUGE. I have a big desk, and I could have easily sat criss cross applesauce in this chair and had room to spare. It wasn't the aesthetic I was looking for, but if you have a big bottom or want to sit cross-legged, this is the chair for you.